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Hublaa Liker : The Ultimate Guide

Hello Dear Hublaa Liker Readers & Followers ,
in this Post We will put the ultimate guite about Free service .
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OK ! Let's Start
Hublaa Liker : The Ultimate Guide

Hublaa Liker : The Ultimate Guide ... What is that ?

We had called this post about Hublaa Liker by " The ultimate Guide " Because in this post We will give you all informations about Website .

What is Website ? Website is a Free Social Service that give you the possibility to get more likes to your facebook posts , to get more comments to your facebook posts and Get more fans to your facebook Pages , that's why liker is the best liker free service but the problem is that those likes , comments are considred as spam by Facebook and facebook may block your account because you use this service .
But in the most of cases you can use Hublaa liker safetly just by do not exaggerate using this Service many times on day .
As an example , i had create a facebook page today . and directly after that i had use the service to get likes ( fans ) to this page . On the firt hour i had get 1100 Fans , And i had left the page . After three days i had Get a notification from Facebook which tell me that my page is blocked and stoped Because of Spammy Likes .
The most users of liker use this service just to get likes to their posts to get a social reputation in front of their friends , In the opposite We find some users use service to get a better reputation to their websites by get more social signals to it and serp on the search engines and this is used especially by Webmasters and SEO specialists , moreover Hublaa Liker Website is used also to have Fans to a company Facebook page and increase it standing .

Hublaa Liker top 20 Similar Websites :


Conditions To use Hublaa Liker Service :

  1. Have already +18 Years old
  2. activate account Followers ( Clic here to activate Facebook Followers )
  3. Set your account posts permission to " Public "

How To Use Hublaa Liker

And Know you will see the Tutorial How To Use Hublaa Auto Liker To Get Facebook Status Likes :
Watch The Video

Or Follow These steps :

  • Log in Website
  • you will see "Method Login to Hublaa Liker"
  • Now , watch the method to Get the Token

  • Now Put The Token That you Had Get in the blank and clic "Submit"
  • the you will be on a Windows that Contain the posts that you had posted on your Facebook account 
  • Now , Clic "Submit"
  • Enjoy counting Likes & Comment :)

Frequently Asked Questions About Hublaa Liker

What is an AutoLiker?
We mean by an autoliker like Hublaa Liker an unofficial Facebook Service that give his users the possibility to increase Likes , Comments on their Facebook Status and increase pages fans .
What is the source of likes that i will get ?
Great question ! The likes , comments that Hublaa Liker provide are doing by other users that use Hublaa Liker free service to get likes , comments to their posts .
I had use Hublaa Liker but i had get few likes & comments ?
In some cases Facebook change the Token of the account because it's used so much in liking and commenting . For this you will get a new Token but using the bottom method .
Must i register on Hublaa Liker website ?
No , Hublaa Liker is very easy to use by just log in using your facebook account , Hublaa Liker use your facebook account to log in to the hublaa application that give Website to know your Token and get the permission to give you auto likes , comments . ( Facebook prevent giving Token ID to any website , So don't forget that you had give your Token to Website , Because with this Token it can remote your account )
What is the Latest Version Of Hublaa Liker Website ?
The Do periodical updates to the website to give the user the best usage to the website free service . The latest Version now is : Hublaa Liker V2 and the team had provided in this version sole better new updates like : Liking comment , Get 350 likes for every likes submit , give the user a fix Token .

Moreover , auto like service had been created the fist time in 2012 and after that date some of web developpers had been share the script of Hublaa liker nulled which had push other webmasters to create a similar website to Hublaa Liker and they rival the official Website and push it to give them a better service . Besides , The Webmaters of our Website Hublaa Liker will also start a developped Hublaa Free Auto Liker service whithout ads , without shorten links , easy to use it and safe .

What had us dislike on Liker ?

After all postive points that we had discussed above about , their are also some negative points :
  • website is full by ads , popups and shorten links
  • free sevice give the user unlimited number of likes , comments and fans . That my block the user facebook account because of spammy likes .
  • Every time when a user would use auto like booster , he must from new get the token and repeat this action every time when he would use liker .
Summary of Hublaa Liker
after all those rich informations about Hublaa Liker , We are sure the you had like to use Liker and increase your facebook posts Likes , comments and use it safetly to prevet Facebook spammy likes , comments notification and prevent that Facebook block you account .Moreover we hope that you will use website also to increase your links likes and serp by your websites in Google & others search engines .
If you would know more informations about Hublaa Liker just follow our blog :
If you have a question about Liker you can put it in a comment and we will be happy to help all our visitors and give them an instant answer .
Enjoy ! Have a nice day !
Hublaa Liker Team .

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Is Hublaa Liker a Spam service ?

Hello Hublaa liker Followers :) ,
In this post We willl talk about an important thing about auto like service .

Is a Spam service ?

Yes , Hublaa Liker Provide Spammy likes & Comments ! Because the Server contain unlimited number of facebook fake accounts that their purpose is just to like a post / photo , post a comment , Like a page . Facebook Can easily know that you had use service and all your likes are counted as Spam .
As a result , Facebook can ban your page or account .

How can i use Hublaa Liker Safetely ?

Ok , i will give you some tricks to Use Hublaa auto like service safetly :
Hublaa spam likes , Hublaa safe likes
Is Hublaa Liker a facebook Spam service ?
  1. don't Use a new account / Page & use and old account / page
  2. don't use many times on day , and use it to get 300 fans as maximum likes per day
  3. don't use Hublaa liker on all your posts on the same account
  4. use Hublaa Liker a verified account by phone & real name

My page is unpublished because of spam likes , What next ?

If facebook has unpublish your page because of Hublaa liker likes , you cannot recover it .

Can likes block my account ?

Yeah , Of course , because you are using a fake likes and spammy , Facebook Has the Permission to block your account any time .
If you have others questions about this topic you can post it in the comments and we will be happy to reply to all your questions .
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thank you and good luck

Monday, October 27, 2014

Hublaa Liker : Scam or Legit ?

Hello Hublaa Liker Readers :) !
In the last post about :

What is Hublaa auto Liker ?

We had talk about Hublaa and  some questions about it like : 
What is Hublaa Liker ?
What Social network doe Hublaa liker Support ?
What can Hublaa Liker Do ?
Why you must choose Hublaa Liker service ?
Is Hublaa Liker safe for work ?
And this Post We Will talk about Hublaa Liker , Is it scam ?
the answer :
Hublaa liker is not a scam because :
Hublaa liker Alexa Rank
in the picture you see than Global Rank is : 7566 and that mean that is very very popular and you see also that this rank increase always and that mean that this Hublaa liker popularity increase also , that's mean that Hublaa is legit not a scam .
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After this post about Hublaa Scam or Legit ? you had trust that Hublaa liker is not a scam and you can use it with any problems.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

What is Hublaa auto Liker ?

Hello Dear Hublaa Liker Readers ,
In this Post We will answer some questions About Hublaa Liker Website .
hublaa , hublaa liker
about Hublaa liker

OK ! the first question is :

What is Hublaa Liker ?

Hublaa Liker is a free & safe to increase like , followers , fans , and comments on social networks .

What Social network doe Hublaa liker Support ?

So far , Hublaa Liker support only Facebook and it work So fine .

What can Hublaa Liker Do ?

  1. increase likes on your posts
  2. increase likes for your pictures
  3. post more than 100 comment (that you choose them) in your posts
  4. Get more fans to your Facebook Pages

Why you must choose Hublaa Liker service ?

  • Because Hublaa Auto Like is very fast
  • Because Hublaa Liker is free
  • Because Hublaa Liker is the best auto liker service in the World

Is Hublaa Liker safe for work ?

Yes , Of course . Hulbaa auto like service is very safe for work .
NB : Please don't exaggerate using Hublaa on your facebook account because can penalties you account from likes and comments .

After all those questions , We are sure that you will try to use the Hublaa Liker free & fast service .
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Moreover , in Hubla Liker we will also do videos Tutorials about Hublaa Service .