Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Is Hublaa Liker a Spam service ?

Hello Hublaa liker Followers :) ,
In this post We willl talk about an important thing about auto like service .

Is a Spam service ?

Yes , Hublaa Liker Provide Spammy likes & Comments ! Because the Server contain unlimited number of facebook fake accounts that their purpose is just to like a post / photo , post a comment , Like a page . Facebook Can easily know that you had use service and all your likes are counted as Spam .
As a result , Facebook can ban your page or account .

How can i use Hublaa Liker Safetely ?

Ok , i will give you some tricks to Use Hublaa auto like service safetly :
Hublaa spam likes , Hublaa safe likes
Is Hublaa Liker a facebook Spam service ?
  1. don't Use a new account / Page & use and old account / page
  2. don't use many times on day , and use it to get 300 fans as maximum likes per day
  3. don't use Hublaa liker on all your posts on the same account
  4. use Hublaa Liker a verified account by phone & real name

My page is unpublished because of spam likes , What next ?

If facebook has unpublish your page because of Hublaa liker likes , you cannot recover it .

Can likes block my account ?

Yeah , Of course , because you are using a fake likes and spammy , Facebook Has the Permission to block your account any time .
If you have others questions about this topic you can post it in the comments and we will be happy to reply to all your questions .
if you would know more informations about Hublaa liker don't hesitate to read this topic :

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thank you and good luck

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